Who says you have to vainly make your villager look just like you??

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I always wanted the Brandy doll as a child, and Animal Crossing Items my favourite Barbie was the dark skinned one with the white and purple princess gown since she was pretty. When I would play Barbie video games, Teresa was my favorite character.

I am white and if I was small I needed a Black Barbie over anything. This was the 80s in Canada. My mom went to a lot of different stores trying to locate a single and eventually had to special order it. The main reason for for my want? My very best friend was Black and it made no sense to me that if the people around me weren't all white that all my dolls should all be white. In addition, I remember thinking how lovely the Dark Barbie was.

YES I was obsessed with spice as a little kid but everyone got me like ginger and sporty spice shit. And my parents purchased me american woman books about samantha even though I enjoyed Josefina the very best?! My sisters and I make sure my niece gets dolls of every shape, color, and size--boys and gals and probably 1 afternoon nonbinary pals.

It lacks a kiss button. The number of people that would most likely dislike this into oblivion probably outnumbers the amount of individuals who like it.If I will customise my character in a game I always play as a very big man, frequently not white. I'm a white woman, I just enjoy playing as somebody who looks different to me. I do not try to recreate myself, who doesn't interest me.

There's probably some comment someone made within this thread encouraging this behavior and obtained downvoted to shreds. Maybe.Yeah I'm like that. I can not wear makeup because I would need to pre-blend a pay up every time. I go from"mainly white with dark hair" into"that girl looks mixed" through the year.

Hell, I only play with a female character in games if I can. I'm a dude every single day of my own life and occasionally I want a little variety, maybe I wanna see a badass, take no shit woman in my games rather than a fundamental ass dude yet again. Seriously cannot understand why people wish to gatekeep how someone enjoys their video games/ttrpgs/whatever if its a form of escapism from real life, I want to do my thing and have fun!

Who says you have to vainly make your villager look just like you?? Maybe this girl has a tan?? Perhaps this girl INSTEAD made her villager to become self invented or perhaps a comic?Lmao, are there people that think playing a shameful character is blackface? Better eliminate diversity from games then

They would absolutely tear that game apart if it came out today and would demand that the team at Rockstar diversify and add much more black voices. The game is composed by a lot of Scottish people and it's based not on the real world but what they have seen in buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket films about LA.In fallout 3 being a woman is actually better. This does 10% more damage toward enemies. There are far more male enemies in fallout 3 compared to female ones.