It makes use of the Barrows equipment

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Mage Pure. It's a specific sort of a single Defence Pure which OSRS gold focuses on raising Magic levels. Certainly, one of the strongest and most lethal Pure in the sport. Magic users may cast several spells, so the goal won't know what hit him before it occurs. There's a wide variety of spells to shoot down targets from Ancient Magics, Flames of Zamorak, and Toxic Staff of the Dead. Additionally, those accounts normally have very low Combat Levels (around 40 to 60), which makes them even more dangerous.

Mage Tank. It might look like a bizarre notion, and many people believe that it is. People who have chosen to go this path often Boost both Defence and Magic stats. They sacrifice low Combat Levels to achieve higher Defence, which allows them to wear better magic armour. It's usually done on account of the elevated risk that comes from playing a Mage Pure. This build requires wearing top tier collections, which might lead to a substantial gold loss in the event of defeat. Another One Defence Pure that specializes in Ranged combat style. Players who had selected to be a ranger frequently also level Attack and Strength skills so they'll have the ability to equip things such as Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul. Although those items do not fit to a ranged weaponry, they are picked because of this. The objective of this build is to perform high amounts of continuous damage while surprising your enemy with a unique attack of Dagger or Maul when he is in low health. It's a trendy construct used by most players due to high assault and surprise element. Only a character with elevated Ranged and Defence levels. Getting additional points in Defence allows those Runescape 3 gold players use Barrows equipment. They usually also aim for at least 94 Magic to cast Vengeance during a fight. It is a member's version of Rune Pure. As dragon tier items need 60 Defence and 60 Attack, these stats are necessary for Dragon Pure. Those who wish to add even more spice to this construct can go for Dragon Claws particular attack.