Hi, I have only returned to RS yesterday after a year and a half break.

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I recently decided to invest my time in murdering Aviansies. I hear they're amazing for RuneScape gold earning money and are good Ranged xp. I am not certain if I have a good setup. Tell me what you think... Inventory: 200 High Alchs. 170 Bones to Peaches tabs. Monkfish to begin with (will use the bones to peaches when from monks). I am picking up ALL runes that drop (good idea???) .

Hey everyone, hope all is great! I havent been round these parts for around 3 years! (world of warcraft... haha) Now circumstances have changed, and if I could get my account allure looked at and acquire the appeal. . I will be playing runescape again! I have a couple questions; Anyone here ever attempted to recover a secured account (hacked you, with different password). . And is there any information you can give jagex (a previous in game bank pin or achievement ) to assist with the appeal, cause I dont realy remember if I had key questions, dont recall what months I played so any appeals I make are a lost cause! Now about the game itself...

Grand exchange? How does it work? An in game edition of EBay? You dont get to determine the cost but the general public does? When I left the barrows sets were probably the very best, with guthans costing 13 million, which has dropped a lot! Also on this topic; the abysal whip, is it still any good or is there something more attainable that's much better? I learned about financing system? Can anybody explain that to me? But theres old school realms where there is wilderness everywhere? Can anyone go into depth on this for me? Sorry if these are a bit nooby, ive been looking for the official and sals forums for the last couple of days and cant find any real advice, I'll love any answers anyone can offer me! And if anyone gives me advice that helps me get back my account, I will present my thanks to sport some how! Thanks Ahead of Time!

Hi, I have only returned to RS yesterday after a year and a half break. I've got quite a few questions if anyone can aid me. Are there still bots in the game, if so are they still as poor as they used to be? I'd like to give presents to folks is this impossible now with the new trading platform? What are the ideal member armour and weapons? Is dragon and a abby whip still good or is there something better? Is abyss runecrafting easier today that people can't pk in the wildy? Or am I going to experience revenants a lot today? Has there been any runecrafting updates? Are all of these from vacation events? If a few could be got in game how can you get them? What is the cheap OSRS gold maximum combat level today? Is Pyramid Plunder nevertheless a fantastic method to boost thieving levels or is there another way that's better? Whats the best way to boost Agility? I believe that is it for now, thanks if anyone can help with all or any of my questions.