Xbox One's Rocket League community with those

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Xbox Ones Rocket League community with those

"The handiest factor we must do now's form of find out where we stand politically with absolutely everyone, after which it's full steam in advance to Rocket League Items finish the answer that we've got already started out," he said.

"Technologically the whole lot works, we've got were given it figured out, just a little bit of time to get the whole thing up and running. Right now, exhilaration is the quality manner to place it. We just need to get in there and make it take place. Elation is probably any other word I would use. We're just excited."

Although Microsoft has extended an invite to other systems and networks to hook up with Xbox Live, Sony has no longer yet devoted to commencing up the PlayStation Network to Xbox gamers. Continuing, Dunham said that connecting the Xbox One's Rocket League community with those at the PlayStation 4 and PC is crucial to the overall health of the game.