A Quick Guide to Farming ESO Gold

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In this guide you will learn how to attain the most ESO Crates whilst crafting, gathering, trading

In this guide you will learn how to attain the most ESO Crates whilst crafting, gathering, trading, looting, and committing heinous acts of villainy. All of which are perfectly lucrative opportunities for the average ESO player, especially those without spare gaming time. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Getting started: the ingredients for making gold

You will need a trade guild. Unless you are very new, you will want to make this a good trade guild in a popular location. The dues may be significantly higher than quieter guilds, but the increased footfall means you can both charge more (people pay for convenience) and are more likely to shift items fast. If you don't yet have a trade guild, pop in an application. Selling in zone is almost always less desirable than selling in a trader. Unless an item is fluctuating heavily in value or you cannot even foot the listing fee yet, sell in a trader. If you sell in zone, you must sell for less than at trader as most zone buyers are looking for bargains. If you try to charge the same as a trader, people will buy from the trader.

At least one crafting toon. This will become important for making money from master writs. This isn't so much a need, but without it, you are heavily limiting your potential for making gold. The more max level crafters you have, the better.

Master Merchant AND Tamriel Trade Centre. Yes both. MM will tell you what things have SOLD for in your guilds, whilst TTC will show you what they are LISTED for in all traders it has data on. Knowing both will allow you to know your competition's prices and what has worked in your guild so far. TTC can also upload your listings to their website when you list them, meaning anyone who follows the website will see your listing. Without these AddOns, making gold is a lot harder (sorry consoles), but not impossible.

Time. You cannot make gold without at least some time put in. However, you do not need a lot. I will indicate for each tip how much time you need to invest.

Earn whilst you burn: turning DPS into coin

There's an in-joke amongst competitive endgamers that raids are as expensive as housing. Potions, gear, repair costs etc. all add up. However, there are ways to make gold. Have gear you need? Farm it and sell it to PUG members. If you get a dagger of AY in a desirable trait whilst running with a PUG, that can be sold for a good amount. I blew half a million coaxing two guildmates out of their Perfect Dagger and Axe of Lokkestiiz. Two days before Scalebreaker made them less popular. I didn't follow the above tip. You can run vAA HM in 20 minutes with a good group and get 30k worth of plunder. Rinse and repeat two more times and you've earned about 90k in an hour. Not a bad return, but it does require a good group willing to do it. If your guild does plunder runs, get in on them.

Now we have entered big money, how do we make money. That requires you to find your niche.

Be yourself: finding your niche

This is where people start getting mysterious and not telling you what they do for gold. I won't reveal my niche and most traders won't. Whilst this includes common ones, such as crafting commissions, it typically involves commanding a large portion of a certain particular market. This is the next step up from flipping, working out where a gap in the market is. It is hard to say much about this and it is beyond this guide, so I am only leaving it here to advise the next step from where this guide can take you. Follow the market, look for the gaps in the market and be the one to fill it. Use your particular skills where you can to make sure no one can muscle you out. Farm areas no one else farms. Sell sets no one else sells. Be the go-to for that particular item or market.

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