Learn About The Game Of Dragon Boating

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Dragon boat racing provided not only with emotional support, but with the opportunity to increase her physical strength in a safe environment.

A 1996 study found that upper body exercise improved the health of people surviving breast cancer, and as a result increased dragon boat racing worldwide. But dragon boat racing isn't just for cancer survivors, and Sharon says anyone can join.

You can really feel your strength, and when the whole boat works as one, when you're in that rhythm, you're all working towards the same goal.


If you like getting wet and working as part of a team, consider trying Dragon Boating.You will need a body of water that is big enough to run in rivers, lakes, oceans anything goes. Sometimes you will get wet and sometimes you will get cold. You will need a few hours of training per week as well as a commitment to regata once a month.


The racing season in Australia runs from August to April, but teams can train all year round. Many teams also compete abroad during the off-season.


Advantages of Dragon Boat Racing:

People of all fitness levels can participate and the more you do it, the fitter you become.

This is a whole body exercise - your legs are anchored, while your arm, shoulder and back muscles pull the pedals through the water.

Great for strengthening your abs and core.

Cardiovascular Fitness - Your endurance and endurance will be built up several times a week before training.

With a group of 22, this is a great way to make new friends.


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