RuneScape Offence Date: 23-Aug-2008

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I have never planned on doing slayer, however if I can still manage 100,000xp or RuneScape gold more a day at only 45, I might just do it. However, with the should avoid tasks like Bronze Dragons... Therefore my question aims outside to those resident 99ers, together with attack, strength and defense capes, or people with friends holding. Where to train for the previous 2.3m xp? I have attempted Ghostly Warriors (level-42), normally excellent xp. Decent collective drops. Dangerous habitat. Low damage. No drops. Safe place, easy to recover Aggressiveness. High damage, medium frequency. Ape Atoll Guards (level-160something), poor xp, no drops, dangerous place, no damage, high defense. I have discovered that Ghouls are great, perhaps? I don't understand about aggressiveness, which is what I am aiming for.

Hello, I might be quitting membership for a while simply to catch up on school work and was wondering what non members amour to buy Pros: Guthix: cheap and will have alot of money left over. Zammork: Longer expersive will have approximately 1 mil left over and looks ausome. . Sara: Expersive will have about 200k left over. Cons: Guthix:not very nice bonus. Zamork:Preety good bonus will need to do about 10 runs of green drgas to afford. Sara:Really expensive and will need to do alot of effort to manage. In the moment im leaning to buying Zamork is the ideal choice? So if I could have your remarks that would be appreciated.

First of all I am Free-To-Play. Second I have the following choices to train my strength on: Lesser Demons, Giant Spiders, Ankous, Cockroaches Soldiers, Moss Giants, Ice Warriors and Giants, Dark Wizards. I need help on which to train effectively. I would like drops. I want decent exp. Which of the options stated will satisfy your own needs? Giant Spiders is a choice if the exp each hour is far over the other options.

I am not sure if talking bans or mutes are allowed here, but this is my first time becoming muted and it occurred on Salmoneus's clanchat. Rule 11 appears to be for promotion websites. Offence Type: Breaking Rule 11 Website commited on: RuneScape Offence Date: 23-Aug-2008. letsfoldsoup: [clan]are they? Letsfoldsoup: [clan]but not many ppl can conquer his mining. letsfoldsoup: [clan]huh lol. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]me too. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]just got about 30. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]anybody recognise my name? Lol

I don't believe I advertised this site or Zybez at all. I was only discussing them. I read the rules and it said it is against the rules to market a site but there's nothing about speaking about you. I'm muted for 24 hours with a moderator (PMod or even JMod?) , so it is not a big deal. However I am concerned because there does not appear to be somewhere to appeal. I can't see how many blackmarks I've , and also the standing of the offence appears to function as"Deferred". This likely destroys all hope of me ever being a participant mod, but cheap RS gold it is my first offence so I'm not entirely certain what to do.