I purchased my daughter a change but I do not enjoy how she plays it

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NTA: You are Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells an excellent parent. You're teaching your kid two very important classes. The first that her word is important. People today will need to take their word signifies something. The next is respect for people's land. You do not ruin things which you didn't build or create. She's old enough to understand this important rules which will affect her life if she can't grasp them

Did she do it on purpose? Did she begin the match with the intent to go in and damage the world you were playing ? If this is so, then you are justified in both your punishment and anger.

Or, did she play with an open world match as a lot of 9-year-olds would? Running around and doing stupid shit just to find out what she could do? If this is so, then you are not justified in bringing in real world punishment for something that she did from the sport world.

Realistically, you shouldn't be sharing a sport world with other people if you do not need them to possibly twist your work up. When it's that serious for you, then different consoles or games are in order here.

YTA. Holy shit. "I purchased my daughter a change but I do not enjoy how she plays it so I grounded her." You're 40, she's 9. It is a game. Do not let her play it if it is"you're game." Can you purchase this Switch to her or for you personally? When I bought my child a Switch and desired a match for myself I didn't want her to mess up, I would buy the physical cartridge and hide it in my room or something when not playing. She should be able to do whatever she wants on"her Shift" Purchase your personal alteration, asshole. Also, a lot of these NTAs are likely people without kids or younger people. You are a grown ass woman. I'm sorry for the child.

My kid and I play Minecraft collectively, my kid is younger than op's kid also doesn't really get the"point". However he loves"building jointly". As in, I'm building a home and he wants to be building the exact same residence. And sometimes he has an idea but rather than executing on it perfectly he divides my home cheap Animal Crossing Bells and replaces it with mismatched bricks. Clearly when he fucks up my digital home I throw I tantrum, yank his controller from his palms, and prohibit him out of my property.