I have invested a great deal of time to MUT

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I instantly regret my purchase. Main reason being I want a madden when I eventually get the series x, so its not all for Madden 21 coins nothing. But its a demonstration update together with the lawn. This could be the smallest improvement ever, its almost definitely the same. I think I will wait to see if it will look on the next gen, appearing at gameplay I am not impressed it resembles exactly the same thing just a different scoreboard I have invested a great deal of time to MUT the last 2 decades just for people with greater teams to beat more people who've broken the match and run the very same defenses and offensive plays simply don't feel like doing it hoping the next gen is better or at least graphically pleasing, I do not know how madden as not updated the crowd ever it looks lints it's from a ps2 game lol.

Why don't you encourage them in doing both? Words are activities, in many cases. Putting out a statement of belief like this is not simple. I would hope they're also doing stuff items to make the lives of their black employees better but that doesn't mean I need to take care of this as moot. Putting out a public statement is really a great step forward for initiatives like that, since if EA isn't doing enough then it's really easy for people internally to say"Look, our activities are materially different from our stated values and we ought to do something about this".

At the end of the day if you refuse to acknowledge when a company creates a small step you appreciate then how will they ever learn to generate a big step you love? You're treating this just like a political negotiation in which earning this little concession implies you won't have the negotiating power to make a bigger one in the future. However, I don't think that is how this works: EA is testing the waters and learning from their customers whether this is the kind of thing they support or not. Is the lesson you would like them to learn from all this that human decency is not worth attractive to because it doesn't actually affect purchasing decisions?

I believe according to your comment that we are likely to essentially disagree on idealism vs. realism, and that is fine. I find myself generally at the middle of realism and idealism since I understand how the world works but I still want a better universe; you don't have to pick one or another. I don't know why we have to give corporations a pass simply because they aren't people (that Citizens United would disagree with but that is another argument.) We should not just accept the best we're given by a company, we ought to expect the best we need out of them. Companies are made of humans calling the shots and there are an infinite amount of examples of companies that both make massive profits and stand up for good causes. Patagonia is a great example. They do not need to make sustainable goods and supply repair and reuse applications to go against quickly trend, but they do and they make a ton of money .

"Everybody should do the ideal thing" is only naive if you do nothing about it. This instance doesn't include the numerous grey topics where opinions have a place; this is literally a discussion of whether you need black folks to have rights or not. It isn't brave of a business to say that black men and women deserve rights simply because buy Mut 21 coins they will lose white supremacist customers.