A simplified EVE experience

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But okay, if I am not the target market then I can proceed. You do not have to eve echoes isk see your mobile phone. I afk traveling to missions for the last 2-3 days. This change only impacts Null players right now. It will only become an issues for Low-sec if/when boats become powerful enough to tank the gate guns.Yea, I think that's what all us"carebears" are beginning to accept. When it's meant to play such as this, well, it ain't for us and that's alright. I'll gladly walk away only spending about 25 dollars. I was definitely ready to play with this for a little while and keep purchasing Omega.

 I refunded my neuros and omega charge they gave cash back no questions asked. I stop for the reasons above. Got all cash refunded.Really? How can I get in contact with customer support? All I have talked to are robots.They are not too picky about the motive, if you don't do this a lot, (I've only previously ) And unless the purchase was many many months ago they usually mark it refunded in less than 15 minutes. It may take up to 4 days each their faq.

If acceptable dude, it is still possible to afk autopilot. Nothing has changed unless you reside in Null.Old EO player here with lots of nullsec PvP encounter...and I too do not want EE to become EO...I started EE due to how different it was in the first place.. In case it will become the same mind numbing"watch screen for 100 years or perish" then I am not minding my omega for cash.Nobody wants this in a cell game and not many people have that time to spend anyway.

A compromise could have been made that makes everyone happy...but the Devs chose to go full on EO and that is just bs for a phone game. "ALL ECHOES PLAYERS" like me, wanted nothing to do with EVE online but loved the idea of a simplified variant of this game to your phone.Yup, that's me. I am an older Eve Online vet. I still have a very meaty account in there (capital ships, billion of isk, over a hundred million of SPs), but I"won" Eve some years back and I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

Enters Echoes. A simplified EVE experience, playable in tiny bursts, with some of the depth of EVE, but none of these annoyances? Well, I was certainly intrigued! Alas, the dream is over. For some reason Netease believes it is a good idea to turn it to EVE ONLINE however on cellular phones. Perhaps it will work well for them. It surely will not for me.

Warp drive...active! They simply always keep blaming us with this shift, like we left it or even asked for it.You're goddamn right. I really don't desire EO 2.0, I want mobile, can have some short pleasure with it, EVE.Same ill just go back to Online, also hault my lap top around for mobile drama when I'm at work.Time to EVE Echoes Items fire up the Chromebook...