I'm a Player Moderator of RuneScape

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Did you actually think the aforementioned in quotation marks was a fact-checked event about OSRS gold the discussions occurring at Jagex? Anyone using a very small amount of motive wouldn't have asked"Source?" ... You actually thought this conversation has to be demonstrated, as in, there was a covert listening device planted in the walls of Jagex, I obtained access to the listening apparatus transcript, and now I should reveal the source? Would anybody else like to post"Source?" And therefore demonstrate utter absence of rational thought?

Hello Everyone! I'm a Player Moderator of RuneScape, and I am looking to do a monthly'gathering' session together with an fansite community, to get a general consensus of Player Moderator in the RuneScape community. It needs to be acknowledged this isn't an official Jagex hosted initiative/post. However, I do intend to relay the feedback to additional Player Moderators too. ^_^ I will be compiling all replies from this thread into a monthly report-type style, then introducing it to others. A few examples are below: How do you believe that the Player Moderator team could be improved? What would you like to see Player Moderators doing more of? Can you agree with the current Player Moderator's function in the community? Any other thoughts on Player Moderators?

I look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts/opinions on this subject, and it doesn't have to be restricted to the preceding, I need this to be an open conversation thread to get the actual thoughts/feelings from your community on Player Moderators. If you have any questions regarding Player Moderators, I ask you do not post them here but you are welcomed to message me here, or literary -- I'd love to keep this thread collective feedback only so it's easier to compile the info.

I thought I'd start another one of those topics. Post how you found out about the sport, etc.. I am sure everyone has some kind of narrative besides"I randomly typed in runescape.com and made an accounts lol." I saw him kill a chicken, cut a tree down, make a fire, and burn off the chicken. Exciting.

I basically gave him the why am I wasting my time watching this nerd bullshizzle appearance and he got the message. For the rest of the day we did something stereotypical boys that era could do like play touch football or race in the pool. Months later I hear a few really annoying kids in my class discuss this game named Runescape. The game seemed vaguely familiar in the encounter I had with my friend so I decided to try so that I could act all pro to the annoying children. I created on a Friday day an account that I have lost someplace in Varrock, so I left Sobend. This time I played safe and stayed in Lumbridge.

Then when those kids were talking about it in class I barged in (this was a little before Runescape was well known and believed nerdy by kids that era ) and started talking about how great I was. After getting yelled at the teacher for talking too loudly about buy RuneScape gold my iron longsword they had been like woahhh. I found it amusing.