Of course, there is many different towns and villages

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Of course, there is many different towns and villages

If you prefer sexy, arrid climate, there's Al Kharid and Pollnivneach. Brutally hot climates don't appeal to me, buy hey, whatever warps that your starship:--RRB- Port Sarim is a little fishing village. Very nice if you're a"boaty" person. Taverly was a gorgeous druid village before RuneScape gold it turned into a war zone. Not too long ago, Taverly would have my vote. Alas, not any more. Too dangerous.

Well, it is centrally located. It's in walking distance to the shopping and civilization of Varrock. Port Sarim is only a couple of steps off whenever you receive the travel impulse. When there's really a vampire, he seldom if ever ventures outside his haunted mansion. There really isn't any extreme threat (knowing that Runescape is, itself, dangerous) in the area, if you don't go looking for it. So I vote for Draynor Village.

Of course, there is many different towns and villages that I haven't mentioned that are worth contemplating: Catherby, Yanille, Keldagrim, Rellekka, Camelot, Meiyerditch, Burthrope, Jaitizso, Neitiznot, Witchaven, Entrana, Seer's Village, Canifis (if you are a"dog" person, lol), Lunar Isle, etc.. Taking a look at the map, RS is enormous!

Jagex has a brand new beta event for the mad scientist costume and it's Barrows that time. Too bad to the skillers and reduced levels as it is almost impossible for them to get the final part... However, for the medium levels it should be a piece of cake, right? It's tougher than I thought, I tried it (65 att, str, def) with just melee (didn't feel like getting runes to OSRS Gold For Sale get slayer dart or something greater than melee). And completely collapsed at Ahrim, that ought to be quite easy but I just could not hit the guy whatsoever (the only strikes were from my own deflect prayer, I believe ).Bear in mind this is for BXP (but the rates below are before employing the 2.7x bxp modifier), therefore people can afford to do marginally expensive or challenging training procedures. Bear in mind that people are not perfect, so can't achieve maximum XP rates in high-concentration, click-intensive coaching methods. My ideas so far: Format is Ability - XP speed - potential training approaches | higher level xp rate - higher level training procedures. 150kxp/h - Slaying with chaotics/exts/piety / camping dark beasts / BGS-ing decaying avatar. HP - 50kxp/h - Slay Range - 250kxp/h - chinning Mage - 200kxp/h - String amulet with Hunter apparel / barraging rock lobs / bursting skeletons.