Limited edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons magazine may be purchased with Target

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Although the exclusive version of the project is far from the calm proposal before the 2020 holiday, the idea of ​​combining Target with Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes people feel extremely peaceful. Perhaps this is why Target adopted the same approach earlier because it provides selectivity in the game, including booking rewards.

The magazine is green, the cover is Tom, Timmy and Tommy Nuuk in the lower right corner, and the logo turf design is used at the same time. If the player wants rare ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, then you may need to pay more ACNH Bells or labor in exchange. However, the autumn theme will change greatly. Its cover is yellow, its elastic tie is brown, and Tom Nook is portrayed as a comfortable fall fashion with a history of leaves.

The tweet did not mention plans and strategies for 2020, or, for many writers, all of these things can be done, and only more pages are included in case of emergency. If they can put their ideas together in some way, they may think it is worth stopping the exclusive paper.

For game fans, they hope to incorporate this spirit into the season. Recently, the candy of Animal Crossing was combined with Nintendo's online rewards in North America. Like modern journals, the autumn theme is their main goal. In addition, if you need to ACNH Buy Items, please go to our official website, the delivery is fast and it is the best choice for players.