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Such a law is naturally intended to guess, how can there be ten thousand strokes in the world,

Such a law is naturally intended to guess, how can there be ten thousand strokes in the world, but the old man's heart is more nervous, he is completely calm on the surface, but after all, he can not help touching the tip of his nose. Qian Wanguan smiled and said, "Not a single move." That is to say, Liu Zhao was defeated without a fight. The old villager shook his body and said, "You've won." It turned out that Qian Wanguan's very different guess sounded very ridiculous to others, but as far as the old man in the village was concerned, he was unconsciously afraid that he would guess a move and not hit it, so he felt very nervous. However, if the bet was not five thousand taels but one hundred taels, the old man in the village would not be so nervous if he could afford it. Thus it can be seen that this money is really extraordinary, he first made the other side psychologically oppressed with a huge bet, so he could not but react. And in one or two trial, he found out that reason, and according to this reason, he pursue it vigorously and finally won. Qian Wanguan naturally would not reveal the clue that the old man in the countryside would touch his nose when he felt nervous, and at the moment he smiled and said: "The younger generation gambles for a living, and it's not surprising that they won this time." Unconvinced, Guan Zhongliu said, "My brother will also take part in the next game." The old man in the village pondered over the mystery and did not answer. At this time, Liu Zhao on the stage announced that he would admit defeat after the formalities were completed. Suddenly there was a commotion, and thousands of people watching the battle all understood that the six-man group headed by Wang yuandu was probably going to push Wang yuandu to win the championship, so they did not fight with him, so that he could retain his strength. Zhuo Liao and others can not help but secretly frightened, because Wang yuandu in the nine battles can save five games, but he has to fight nine games, by contrast, natural greatly suffer. Due to the cancellation of this session, the third session scheduled for the afternoon was held ahead of schedule. The notary announced that the third scene was between Xin Li and Ping Tianhong. The strength of this side seems to be equal,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and the voices of discussion rise and fall one after another. Qian Wanguan's men are very active, because the people who bet in this game are very enthusiastic, everyone thinks they have a different view, so once someone solicits, they will bet. "What do you say about this one?" Asked the old villager. Qian Wanguan said, "The younger generation really doesn't want to see this game, because if the younger generation bets first, the older generation will lose." The old villager aroused his stubborn temper and said, "Maybe. You can bet." Qian Wanguan said slowly, "If the two sides fight fairly and equally on the stage, I will buy Ping Tianhong to win. But Motian Stronghold has a secret skill, so the younger generation is optimistic about Xin Li and bets ten thousand taels." "Your eyesight and knowledge are all very impressive," said the old man. "This comment is very appropriate, but I still accept this bet." He immediately looked back at the stage, Qian Wanguan issued an order to Li San with a gesture, and Li San hurried away. After a while, Ping and Hsin on the stage began to compete. Ping Tianhong used a steel folding fan painted with bright peach blossoms. The fan was specially made for foreign objects. It was not afraid of swords and hidden weapons, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,brushless gear motor, so it was two different kinds of weapons that were extremely powerful no matter when they were opened or closed. As soon as the old villager made up his mind, he said to Wang yuandu, "It's unfair for Elder Martial Brother Xin Li to teach him martial arts by means of voice transmission. You can break his secret method of voice transmission in this way, so that you can teach the other side to fight fairly." After pointing out the knack of Wang yuandu's exercise, he looked at Qian Wanguan with ease and said, "I'm afraid it's not easy for you to win this game." Qian Wanguan said, "I don't know how many times the younger generation has gambled in their lives, but they have never regretted it. The older generation might as well wait and see." As he spoke, Ping Tianhong had already made an attack, and Xin Li brandished a double hook to parry. Both sides were very cautious. In the arena, Wang yuandu silently gathered the skills taught by the old man in the village. In a moment, he was already very skillful and used them freely. When he used them, he only had to sit still and secretly force out a wave of sound to offset the other side's transmission, which was like breaking the other side's kungfu. At this time he saw that Xin Li had not yet received instructions, so he did not perform this skill. He felt that he had been open and aboveboard all his life. If Xin Li's brother Wei Chi Xin only told Xin Li to be careful to fight, or even reminded him that he should guard against the enemy's killers, of course it was wrong, but it was still human, so he would not use magic to obstruct it. Must wait until Xin Li moves really have the signs of being instructed by Wei Chi Xin, can use this kind of silent voice of kungfu. At this time, they will not feel guilty. After Xin and Ping circled several times, Ping Tianhong learned from the momentum of his footwork that his skill was slightly better, and immediately he was in high spirits, and the folding fan was brushed away head-on. This move makes it very mysterious and vicious, and then there are many changes. If one is not dealt with properly, it is very easy to fall into a passive situation. Wang yuandu looked at it more attentively than others, but when he saw Xin Li's double hooks, attacking left and defending right, he actually used a sinister trick of hanging the beam and stabbing the stock to fight. This move is a lose-lose approach to disability, but naturally the enemy is more important than we are, and it is very cost-effective. Everyone saw the Xin Li demolition technique, can not help but cheer in the heart, thought this Xin Li is really extraordinary, this move can not only turn the corner, and even can grab the system first, let go of the initiative to attack. Ping Tianhong gave a sneer, and the shadow of the fan flashed. He had already changed his style. He first blocked the enemy's counterattack, and then cut the vital part of the enemy's belly. Between this defense and attack, he did it at one go, without any gap. When they saw him, they couldn't help cheering for him. Xin Li took two steps to the left, and the double hook took advantage of the situation to stab and cut him. It was another trick of disability, which was very sharp and spicy. The thirteenth chapter gambles the life evil female to pour the heart. Ping Tianhong did not seem to expect the other side's good moves to emerge in an endless stream, so he was forced to jump back and avoid the enemy's hook. But how could Xin Li let him get out of the way so freely? His body was running after him violently, and his double hooks danced out a curtain of light, which had enveloped the body of Ping Tianhong in an instant. Ping Tianhong has been trapped by the hook shadow and lost the initiative. However, his fan was very magical, and his techniques such as cutting and sealing had unique power. Although he failed to counterattack for a while, he was still able to defend. At this time, Wang yuandu was already very suspicious, thinking that Xin Li's tricks were all used just right, and he firmly grasped the initiative. If he has been able to maintain,Small Geared Motors, then Ping Tianhong to defend again, also will eventually reveal flaws, naturally can not escape the fate of defeat.