Oriental jade seizes the golden seal

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Min Dongyuan did not answer, but said to General Zhendian,

Min Dongyuan did not answer, but said to General Zhendian, "What do you think?" Ba Zhenwu could not answer. Wen Mengyuan stood in silence and bowed down to Miao and said, "It's better for the master to work together with his subordinates." The white-haired old man shook his head with a contemptuous look on his face and said, "General Wen has made a mistake. There is absolutely no possibility of a two-pronged approach to this matter." Wen Mengyuan raised his voice and asked, "How can Master Chen see that things are impossible?" The white-haired scholar Chen shrugged his shoulders with a smile and said, "The princess and the master are not in harmony. This time, the evidence is bound to be secretly arranged. If the master goes to the palace tonight, I dare to see him with the general. I can't think of giving birth again!" Only then did Min Dongyuan answer quietly and say, "Xue Tu is worthy of his reputation. There must be a conspiracy arrangement in the Palace of Punishment tonight. The matter has come to this point. Ben Jue must take the risk to go to the appointment, and he has a safe plan." At this point, he suddenly asked Hou Sima in a deep voice, "Who will take turns in this palace tonight?" Hou Sima immediately replied, "Huang Yanhua and Liu Binsi." Wen and Ba immediately responded respectfully, and Min Dongyuan said, "Tonight in the middle of the night, the princess's palace will be burned by fire. We must retreat and return safely when it is done!" Wen Mengyuan and Ba Zhenwu were ordered to retreat in a low voice, and immediately began to prepare for the use of the night. After Wen Mengyuan and Ba Zhenwu had gone, Min Dongyuan said to Hou Sima,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, "This palace must be burned at the end of the day. You can do this. It's just that I deeply feel sorry for Huang Yanhua and Liu Binsi. Is there a way to do three things?" Hou Sima shook his head again and again, but Master Chen said in a low voice, "Since there is no way to complete the three things, why not kill two birds with one stone?" Min Dongyuan suddenly and solemnly asked Chen Xuetu: "Do you really expect that the'Emperor 'will come to the'Palace of Punishment' '?" Tonight? " Scholar Chen replied with a solemn countenance, "The princess must respectfully ask the emperor to listen to the master and her questions in order to prove the master's crime. When the emperor leaves the palace, the eight chamberlains must accompany him. Liu Binsi and Huang Yanhua must be loyal to the master sooner or later. They can destroy all the emperor's guests on behalf of the master. This is a matter of several things." Min Dongyuan's face shone with strange and treacherous brilliance. He glanced at Hou Ruiting and said, "What does Sima mean?" Hou Sima thought for a long time and said,Planetary Gear Motor, "When the time comes, the Palace of Punishment must put down the steel gate. If the winch of the steel gate can be destroyed, the Palace of Punishment will become a place of death. Therefore, his subordinates think that Liu Binsi has more important things to do." His words made Chen Xueshang unfathomable, so Chen looked at him in a daze, unable to answer. Min Dongyuan, however, had a unique insight. Wen Fu burst out laughing. After a long time, Min Dongyuan said resolutely, "Sima's plan is a wonderful one. Everything is handed over to Sima." The white-haired scholar Chen, who did not seem to show the slightest sign of age, seemed to be quite unhappy because of Hou Ruiting's words. A pair of eagles with a flash of cold light turned around in an instant. He immediately bowed down and said, "Can my subordinates be granted by my master to show Hou Sima's mysterious plan?" Min Dongyuan looked at Hou Ruiting, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,small geared motors, but did not answer. However, Hou Ruiting said to Chen in an extremely solemn and sarcastic manner, "Bachelor, please forgive me for my crime. This is no small matter. If I know it, it will be very dangerous. Otherwise, I will be safe. For the sake of Bachelor, it seems that there is no reason for me to want to know. Does Bachelor mean that?" Chen Xuetu glanced at Min Dongyuan. Min Dongyuan had a smile on his face. Chen Xuetu was a crafty old man. He immediately said with a smile, "What the old man wants to ask him for details is nothing but for the sake of the master's safety. Since Sima has made proper and meticulous arrangements, the old man naturally still takes ignorance as right." Hou Ruiting refused to give in to reason. Then he said, "Maester Daren, the master has ordered the district to take full charge of the matter. It is urgent. Would Maester like to step down with the district to discuss the overall situation?" Chen is inconvenient to say more, immediately bowed his head to answer, followed by Hou Ruiting Yang farewell Min Dongyuan bow out of the study. It's the third watch of the night, Minjiabiezhuang, no! The "Chengdu Xingguan" of "Wulin Emperor" is silent, but in every dark corner, there are nearly hundreds of Wulin masters, who are all "hot hand princes". Min Dongyuan's best friends, each with a secret order, are plotting a cruel and vicious event! Two exquisite and gorgeous palace lanterns are leading the handsome "Prince of Hot Hands" from his rich forbidden place to the "Palace of Punishment". The Palace of Punishment is located in the middle of the Palace of Punishment. There is no building. It looks like a wide hall with only a roof. There is a huge Gong on one side. The waiter with a lamp holds high the wooden hammer beside the Gong and hits it with all his strength. A loud sound spreads all over the Palace of Punishment. Then the ground in the hall cracks automatically, revealing a stone step door. A dignified voice comes from inside: "The princess is in charge of the Palace of Torture." Come and sign up! Prince Min Dongyuan, dressed in beautiful clothes, strode forward and stood on the steps of the tunnel gate, raising his voice and saying, "The chief of the palace, Prince Min Dongyuan of the West under the throne of the emperor, leads his attendant You Tong Huo Jia to report in!" Then someone in the tunnel sang loudly: "By the order of the princess, the respectful prince has come down." Min Dongyuan did not neglect and waved to the waiter holding the lantern. The waiter bowed his head and carried the lantern forward. Min Dongyuan then strode down! Chapter II Chengdu Palace There are 21stone steps leading from the tunnel to the "Palace of Punishment", each of which is one foot wide and dense. When Min Dongyuan stepped down the 19th step, he looked up and watched. When he stepped down all the stone steps, he suddenly heard a strange sound of gold and iron crisscrossing. A huge pure steel gate weighing more than ten thousand halls had slowly landed. With a loud bang, the steel gate fell to the ground, covering the stone tunnel without any gap. At this time that you Tong Huo Jia two lamp attendant, has separated on both sides, close to the stone wall, not far away, is the only lifting hall steel gate winch roller frame, the palace has been out to meet the people, after they kowtow to min Dongyuan, turned to lead, min Dongyuan step slowly, walked to a place about three Zhangs away from the steel gate, you Tong suddenly to the side of a vertical,Micro Gear Motor, "The criminal officer Wu Tu quickly captured the false prince," he shouted. "The prince has already been stabbed. This thief is Liu Binsi, the'General of the Front Palace '!" 。 ichgearmotor.com