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Kang Wen attaches great importance to the play at hand,

Kang Wen attaches great importance to the play at hand, but she doesn't know that she has been blocked by investors in the middle. Liu Xixi, a popular flower, is a vase of acting skills. Although her appearance is good, she is a little tacky. She is really not good enough to see on the big screen, but she can't bear the background of the people who praise her. Before that, Kang Wen wanted to use the fact that it was too hard to go into the mountains and forests to shoot, which scared Liu Xixi off. It was best to take the initiative to resign. Who knew that a group of second-generation people with a lot of background would follow, probably because they had a good relationship with Liu Xixi and came here for entertainment. Originally thought last night to this place, see this difficult environment, these uncles can have the intention to quit, who knows sleep until dawn, the tent kitchen is set up, these uncles also ordered here to cook other porridge for them, the family background is amazing, he can only be like his grandson, at the mercy of others. There was no place to get angry, so he went up the mountain to urinate, and ran into a group of actors hiding behind the bushes to kiss, and immediately he got angry and scolded. He was so angry that he pulled his beard and continued to preach, "I really don't care about money, do I dare to give me a love at public expense?"? Which scene are you in. He looked up and saw the girl's face clearly. Subconsciously, he was stunned and looked at the mountains in the distance. The snow on the mountains was as white as her complexion, but her lips were as red as blood. He was surprised that she looked like a goblin. She had a pure and bright face. She was also a top performer in the entertainment circle? How come he didn't notice it before? Fufeng turned his back to him. Jiang Xi pressed his hand and motioned not to act rashly. He still stood up slowly and looked behind him with an expressionless face. There was a murderous look in his eyes that could not be concealed. His lips were pursed into a line without any gap. Left cheek through to the ear, all the way to the collarbone of the black line ready to move,touch screen interactive whiteboard, the opposite person was surprised by the dark eyes of the back sweating, reaction to come over surprised, these two groups of actors, apart from anything else, the face is quite matched. Kang Wen shook off the sweat in his palms, thinking that it would be better if these two were the leading actors and actresses for him. He is a face-judger and likes to shoot good-looking ones. This is a well-known secret. Besides, these two people's faces are white and clean, there is no ash at all, when the background board is too outstanding,smart board touch screen, it is not suitable, and this hairstyle is not ancient at all, how to shoot? After appreciating his beauty, he picked out a bunch of thorns and frowned, looking very fierce. "Don't kiss here. You don't have the privilege to be good-looking. If you fall in love, go home and talk about it. Now hurry up and get my hair done. Remember to ask the makeup artist to do some gray painting." Fufeng was not very emotional and was about to draw his sword. Jiang Xi quickly pinched his palm and responded to all changes with no change. He nodded to the other side, "Let's go now." Fufeng frowned and looked at Jiang Xi in puzzlement. She nodded to him invisibly and took his hand and walked down. Jiang Xi didn't guess wrong. He saw an open tent at the entrance of the camp. There were several rows of shelves with all kinds of clothes hanging on them. The style was not like modern, but like ancient costumes. There were many people standing in line to get clothes. They went into the tent next door to change clothes. Many of them came out, including servant girls and ancient soldiers. It seemed that this was the crew. As it happens, the beard thought they were actors. Jiang Xi wanted to make him dizzy, took the prepared luggage directly down the hill to slip away, but after thinking about it, it was not an opportunity to be misunderstood. In the movie plot, the queen did not know Fufeng, and even regarded Xiao Jian as Fufeng, so there would be such an ending, but now it is different. Jiang Xi understands the plot, smart board interactive whiteboard ,electronic board for classroom, even if the male protagonist is really in this crew, she only regards herself and Fufeng as ordinary people, is a group actor, and there is no involvement with each other, there is no mysterious encounter, really encounter also need not be afraid. As for Fufeng, he has promised himself that if Xiao Jian does not do bad things, he will not do it, and during this period, she will try to explain modern things to him, presumably the situation is very different from the film. The second consideration is that if they leave from the other side of the mountain, they simply do not know how far to go, from which direction, it is better to follow the crew, do a few days of group performances, get money, but also out of the mountain, to the city, two people find another job, can completely break away from the plot. Jiang Xi made up his mind and took Fufeng to the other side of the camp, where a stream flowed and a few staff members were brushing their teeth in down jackets. Jiang Xi lowered his voice and explained to him, "can you see those people in different clothes?" Fufeng nodded, suppressing the emotions in his heart, nothing else, he only felt closer and closer to the waste king. Listen to me, these are all people who make movies. "Jiang Xi looked at him and frowned. He continued," You don't have to worry about what making movies is. You just need to know that these are people today. They just wear the clothes of people in the past to make movies. They are not real ancients. " "A thousand years have passed, and everything in the world has changed. What we have to do is to hide our identity. You should speak as little as possible. If there is anything for me to do, don't draw your sword. If a sword appears out of thin air, it will be discovered." Although Fufeng didn't know what it was like to make a movie, he still had a guess in his mind. Qin went to the battlefield at the age of 33, took command of the Northern Expedition at the age of 17, and died in battle at 19. During his nine years on the battlefield, he also read a lot of military books, art of war, and historical biographies. Although some things were unacceptable, they could be easily understood. In a strange environment, more know to observe carefully, not to act rashly, but Jiang Xi so carefully to him, let him feel the long-lost sense of care, then pretend to be ignorant, pretend not to know what she said, to win her more attention. Jiang Xi did not think so much, carefully told some common sense, and thought of one thing, "When there is a gap, we had better go back to the cave, those traces are still there, if found, there will be trouble." Fufeng nodded, looked her in the eye, and promised to come down. Jiang Xi stood on tiptoe and looked into the distance. The smoke was already rising. Presumably, the crew was ready to start filming. She scraped her head and did not forget to describe it to him on her cell phone. She exhaled. "Then let's go there now and let me talk about everything." She was about to take Fufeng's hand to the camp when suddenly someone behind her stopped them. The tone is very haughty,interactive flat panel display, "that wears armor, go to look for Liu Xixi, tell her to let somebody bring a towel to come over." 。