The benefit of allocating it to a statslot lies in the fact

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In terms of bonuses and special effects it's the main purpose of OSRS gold prayer. It's a way to give players the advantages and rewards in combat that other MMOs typically offer the player by way of trade skills, such as crafting armor runes that join your armor or inducing your weapon to increase its power as well as other such.

RuneScape isn't equipped with that, therefore it requires prayer to function as such and offer players that sort of option they'll require when the end game content gets more and more difficult (God Wars, Dungeoneering and other bosses are prime examples of this) alongside gear which will only do so much and that's why potions are becoming stronger too. Actually, the gears and supplies (as well as prayers) were getting excessively powerful in PvP, which is why there were absorb effects that armor suffers from.

My argument is that RuneScape needs an aura slot in order to effectively increase the amount of players. It might be hard to understand for people that hasn't achieved a skill of 99 or hasn't gotten a high enough level of combat to be able to tackle difficult bosses where you're not able to just smack Protect from Melee/Range/Magic , and everything is fine, but it's one of the things the game need to have in order to bring additional, more challenging content into the near future.

The benefit of allocating it to a statslot lies in the fact that JaGEx is able to simply restrict, for instance access to aura slots in the Wilderness (as an example), balancing both Boss-killing (and other PvE with high combat content) and PvP.

Instead of crying that it's copying a feature that most excellent MMOs are using, maybe you should consider the reason it's released and what it's trying to fire cape osrs buy accomplish instead of complaining about it. However, the issue is that the majority gamers today don't have the experiences to appreciate that.