What Role do Car Cleaners Paly

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Equipped with a cleaning scraper to quickly remove stubborn stains.China Pets Dry Shampoo Manufacturers

  1. Car cleaner: liquid ceramic tile cleaner formulated mainly with surfactants, bactericides, polishes, imported penetration agents and unique bright factors, and other high-tech environmental technologies; has strong detergency, penetration, and sterilization Characteristics such as force and polishing brightness. Can quickly clean the car glass surface, baffle, car body, etc. The car cleaner can remove all kinds of adhesive paper and stickers attached to the surface of the car glass, and can also remove the oil stains around the wheels, mudguards, bumpers, car bodies and various tools. After use, the car cleaner can also form a film to protect the car paint. In addition, automotive interior cleaners are used to clean chemical fiber, wood, leather, cloth, velvet, engineering materials and other products (such as ceilings, seats, instrument panels, carpets, etc.) in the car.


Equipped with a cleaning scraper to quickly remove stubborn stains.China Pets Dry Shampoo Manufacturers

The magical cleaning effect can be seen everywhere.

After use, a thin film can be formed to protect the car paint.

Can easily remove all kinds of adhesive papers and labels stuck on the glass surface.

Detergent: The main component is a surfactant. The surfactant is an organic compound that contains a hydrophilic group and a lipophilic group in the molecular structure. It is generally based on whether the surfactant can be decomposed into ions in the aqueous solution, and it is divided into two categories: ionic surfactants and nonionic surfactants. Ionic surfactants can be divided into three types: cationic surfactants, anionic surfactants and zwitterionic surfactants.

Pay attention to the following points when using detergent scientifically:

(1) Choose suitable cleaning supplies for different purposes. For example, the cleaning agent selected in the kitchen has both washing and disinfecting functions, and is an alkaline detergent.

(2) Choose a regular manufacturer's product. The label of a regular manufacturer's product generally indicates: instructions for use, implementation standards, net content, site, shelf life, etc.

(3) Use strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual to prevent accidents.

(4) Avoid ingestion, reduce direct contact with the skin, and reduce irritation to the respiratory tract.

(5) Some sanitary detergent products have a potential impact on human health and the natural environment, and should be avoided a lot of abuse.

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