The Reason Im Here Really

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Reddit articles are better than achievement posts they're boring af. I mean it doesn't need to be taken down ffs. There will not be a fun ever with RS gold no memes. Memes are actually the reason I see the old school sub, Agreed with op that they should not be ceased even low grade ones are hilarious. I dont think anyone rly cares which you just hit your first 99 after 20 decades of playing these days. . .

The memes are the better content. Reaching that a 99 shouldnt even be allowed to be submitted, who cares. Reaching a single 99 is not that big of an accomplishment, I dont even believe maxing should be allowed either, its just a glorified attention post and does not add anything to the reddit. Or any achievement for that matter. This subreddit ought to be about the sport, not to yourself. I think sure things are nice, such as world-first sort of achievements. The first 4k telos, or even the first max xp, etc. . But not"hey I have a barrows dye lol" or"my initial 99 following 15 years omg".

And most mehs, and boos since everyone's play styles are different. The playerbase is varied. Like it may be an remarkable feat that you simply your account on mobile nothing but your feet being used by a couple of weeks, but many people don't care. Or individuals are salty from matters like'check it out noobs, I received my seren spirit rings. There goes my luck for another 2 decades'.

Why the fuck are we even minding memes that retain some of us depressed folks happy for abit longer at the world. If they cheap RS gold have a filter for humor afterward memes should just apply under that so the dull people of reddit do not have to see it and may enjoy their 99 cooking posts. Agreed, the amount of censorship with this subreddit is very excessive and it's highly irregular. No consistency whatsoever.