It shouldn't happen to be a badge

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2K has the NBA 2K21 MT capability to earn basketball games but, they hear the parts of the 2K community. If they ceased caving into the dumb Twitter community along with the YouTubers that rely on pops and cheese to be good, 2K would be in a much better place right now. Individuals are saying Mike Wang explained that they had problems with place shots being private for bigs but, I can not find that everywhere. I visit his statement on Twitter saying not to be concerned about builds because jumpshots will be the same. Not to mention I think it is hard to believe a dev will announce a brand new attribute a month before release and then under a week afterwards, says the attribute would not be in NBA 2K21.

If you're going with that then might as well take out catch and take, touch finisher, intimidator, and quick first step since those have been must haves for me. No only take intimidator out. Or at least make it just work on contests. All the other ones make sense to have. They could maybe take contact finisher and rather than having packages of touch dunks you have every separate dunk and you need to figure out which ones activate the maximum and which ones work the best. Like folks search for the jumpshot that is very best, you'll need to look for the ideal contact dunks.

Speedy attraction is a MUST have is it? I guess it just depends on the jumpshot you're using. I use quickdraw but merely. Anything quicker than that is too much for me. And frankly, once you have Deadeye on HoF does it really matter how fast you receive the ball away? 99% of their time? Catch and take is in precisely the same boat. Deadeye, variety extender, sexy zone hunter and Volume shot are the MUST HAVE shooting on badges in my opinion. Intimidator isn't run by me but I had 5 defensive updates available so I put them.

Goodbye to my most beloved badge

It shouldn't happen to be a badge. The speed of this jumpshot should've been at the jumpshot founder like every other calendar year. Because there is no more badge, I hope they're gonna fix the bug for the next year in which you equip a custom jumpshot, it automatically unequips after every game, thats the reason I didn't use a custom one this season. It is possible to fix it (or try). You have to buy the jshot foundation the generated shot is based from that will stop unequipping. Tried this and many other procedures, nothing seemed to work for me, but fortunately Jumpshot 98 with HoF Quick Draw to a high 3pt score and Ray Allen using Silver Quick Draw on reduced 3pt evaluation was working fine for me I hadn't any interested this year in receiving a custom.

Themselves alter every day too. I have a PF that doesn't shoot so I use Real Player%, therefore I do not fuck up layups but nearly everyday I must pick that setting because my preferences change back to default. It wouldn't help that's why I asked. I would like to make my Green percent higher, not lower and it made Buy NBA 2K21 VC sense that a shot would have a quicker green window, which I would not want. I thought this was a response.