Before RuneScape perform that he gives you giant tree seed to farm a giant tree

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While the Evolution of Combat update burns down on players of Runescape One of the battle cry that OSRS Power Leveling Buy are heard is "Adapt or die!". EoC players are firmly convinced that adaptation to changes is a good thing.

People are toolmakers and thinkers. They can adapt the environment to their needs. When that environment includes others, we must discuss it. Adaptation in the sense of passively accepting what another believes is necessary as if you were a sheep. You get slaughtered.

Two indicators of intelligence are flexibility and focus. Jagex has neither. It has been rigid in its approach to been pushing updates and its emphasis on money and not on people. The issue lies in the way Jagex communicates. The Runescape forums lie at the root of the issue. Jagex as well as other players can communicate and help Runescape to get back to its feet.

Maybe Jagex thinks that adjusting itself to copy other MMOs can ensure that it is able to keep Runescape from dying. An interesting variation on adapt or die 2007 RS Items. Jmods are limited in who and what they talk to. It's just a matter time. They are able to talk to a handful of people per day.