I need to bring up that there's no mention of Pioneer 2 or what happened to it anywhere

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I need to bring up that there's no mention of Pioneer 2 or what happened to it anywhere

The thing that I believe supports this concept is how much like the woods creatures on Naverius are to the creatures on Ragol. Yetis the pso2 sales Rockbears, Gibbles and Hildebears and related critters could be slightly developed from families. The wolves share patterns between the 2 generations appearance and as well as dimensions. The rappies are nearly identical. The Bansers and Banshees are still an exception. Nevertheless, this can be explained by the simple fact that although some animals are native to particular environments, it will not ensure they will be evident in most events of those surroundings.

With all the Bansers and Banshees essentially being equivalent to forest/tundra lions, it's possible that with the limited exploration assortment of your experiences around Pioneer 1 which you simply never had a opportunity to encounter them. Before you say"But rappies can appear in any place in PSO2!" Those rappies would be the exception because there's a capsule it is possible to locate in any area saying that rappies transcend space and time. And these rappies can show up anywhere, including the woods alongside Nav rappies. Nav rappies the woods can not be shown up anywhere except by themselves.

Moreover, the rappies which can show up everywhere have different looks. What this implies is that those rappies are part of a nexus stage and are crossing over into our timeline instead of being a natural element of it like Naverius or Ragol rappies. Now, another story that is important matter, if Falz Elder ruined Pioneer 2, then why was not it and why would ARKS rename Ragol to Naverius? We are gonna begin getting into large spoilers now, so here's your warning.

However, due to they can't anticipate extreme evolutionary modifications in Ragol's ecosystem. The similarities you may see between the wolves, apes and rappies from the woods are ever present and appear to be associated even though they clearly demonstrate quite a few differences. For comparison, we know that orangutans and gorillas are sorta related as apes. They reveal numerous differences that are easily marked but are clearly in the exact same family tree. I feel that are inside the boundaries of divergence.

I need to bring up that there's no mention of Pioneer 2 or what happened to it anywhere. This further supports the concept that the regulating powers are working to conceal the threat which Dark Falz presents while also trying to cover up the cheap PSO2 Meseta huge loss of life that they were partly responsible for. Not only does the native fauna of Naverius support the concept that we are fighting Ragol renamed, but also the context of this story where ARKS only managed to conquer Dark Falz following an intense loss of life from Pioneer 2 and 1.