BLDC Washer Motor VS DD Washer Motor

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BLDCwasher motor: Known as Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDCM),

BLDCwasher motor: Known as Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDCM), it is currently the most widely used variable frequency motor in washing machines. Mainstream washing machine brands such as ASKO, Miele, Bosch/Siemens all use BLDC. Compared with traditional DC motors, BLDCM has the advantages of lower maintenance cost, longer service life, higher starting torque, wider speed range, faster dynamic response and smaller current noise.

DD washer motor: Fully known as permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor (DDM), can be understood as direct drive version of BLDC. The DD motor eliminates the traditional BLDC transmission (belt, reducer and gearbox, etc.), and has the advantages of high transmission efficiency and large torque. However, this motor is difficult to control, bulky, and has high manufacturing and maintenance costs. If you want to buy a washing machine for DD motor, LG is the first choice. LG is the originator of DD motors, and the control technology for DD is difficult for other manufacturers to match.

Washing Machine Motor is exactly useful. Operating at normal power line frequencies, universal washer motors are often found in a range less than 1000 watts. Their high speed makes them useful for appliances such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers where high speed and light weight are desirable. They are also commonly used in portable power tools, such as drills, sanders, circular and jig saws, where the motor's characteristics work well. Many vacuum cleaner and weed trimmer motors exceed 10,000 RPM, while many Dremel and similar miniature grinders exceed 30,000 RPM.

Universal washer motors also lend themselves to electronic speed control and, as such, were an ideal choice for domestic washing machines. The washer motor can be used to agitate the drum (both forwards and in reverse) by switching the field winding with respect to the armature. The washer motor can also be run up to the high speeds required for the spin cycle. Nowadays, variable-frequency drive motors are more commonly used instead.

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