World of Warcraft new event: recruit friends

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By renting a team with friends to play games, you can get extra rewards.

By renting a team with friends to play games, you can get extra rewards.
Blizzard Entertainment provides a series of items as a reward for the "recruiting friends" program, which aims to guide current players to recruit their friends into the game.

In fact, you pay part of the subscription fee by recruiting friends to play World of Warcraft. Through this activity, you can get a large number of "explorer" themed high-quality items and more free game time tokens to improve your gaming experience.

If your friend is successfully recruited by you, not only will you get a lot of rewards, he will also get a super gift package to help 
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Next, I will introduce how to recruit your friends. There is a social tab in the retail WoW client. You need to find it. You can open the friends list by using the default key "o". At this time, you will find the "recruit friends" label on the social panel in the game, which is located next to "friends" and "ignore".
Then please notice that at the Cheap TBC Classic Gold bottom left of the panel, there is a red "recruitment" button, please click it. A dialog box will appear, you need to make sure to generate a link, this link will be provided to your friend, he can use the link when setting up a WoW account. After you copy the link and send it to your friends, they only need to set up WoW subscription through the link, and you will get all the recruitment rewards.