Damian Lillard releases Kobe Bryant tribute track from'NBA2K21' on streaming services

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Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard doubles as a rapper in his spare time. When Lillard discovered he was going to be on the cover of"NBA2K21," he started making the song. It premiered exclusively on"NBA2K21" on September 4 however on NBA 2K21 MT Coins Thursday was set on streaming services for all to hear. The answer for the tune caused Dame D.O.L.L.A to launch it on streaming services as well, instead of just having it reside in the movie game. "Kobe" featuring Snoop Dogg, a huge Lakers fan, and Derrick Milano was shared outside of the movie game on Thursday at midnight.

"Ever since a young boy I've been becoming buckets. Pull it back, Kobe! Pull it back, Kobe!" Dame raps in the chorus.

Other lyrics include,"Rest In Peace to the Mamba and infant Gigi... No. 8 was mad however No. 25 was frightful," referencing both jersey numbers he wore in his iconic career. From the first tease for tune, the basketball player turned rapper tweeted a movie of Kobe speaking about Lillard's game back when Lillard was a beginner. He's serious. And he is not afraid of anything. He has the whole package."

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