Players will be able to comfortably watch any match

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players will be able to comfortably watch any match

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Players will be able to create and host a Local Match without many issues, as they are certainly already familiar with how Exhibition and Private Matches are made, as it won’t be much different than that. Currently, Local Matches are coming to PC only, but the developers hope to include them for consoles too in the future.The other highlight of the Autumn Update that we will be looking at today is the Director Mode, which is coming as a beta feature. The Director Mode will put an AI in charge of the camera movement and placement while you’re watching your Replays or spectating matches, which will allow you to relax and just watch. Thanks to the deep analysis of match data and the new camera-controlling AI, players will be able to comfortably watch any match, as the AI will focus on important plays, shots, and so on.