Escape from Tarkov has a new patch out these days

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Escape from Tarkov has a new patch out these days

Escape from Tarkov has a new patch out these days, replace zero.12.7.8599 to EFT Items  be unique. It fixes numerous doubtlessly annoying bugs and addresses a few visible problems, but one of the important issues in Battlestate’s survival recreation remains unaddressed – specially, deadeye scavs.

In Tarkov, ‘scavs’ are NPC enemies that wander across the map – once in a while they’ll be loitering somewhere, other times they’ll be shifting throughout areas searching for stuff. Historically, they’ve been distinctly easy pickings, even for players who are simply entering into the game for the first time. They may be a very good supply of early-sport gear and profits in case you haven’t constructed up a large stash or pockets.

Since replace 12.7 came out, scavs have grow to be a far larger hazard than they’ve ever been. If they could see you, normally they are able to  hit you, and their accuracy stays at deadeye degree even whilst they’re transferring round. Some gamers on the Tarkov subreddit even say they’re more worried approximately scavs than approximately fellow mercenaries when it comes to taking a raid-finishing bullet out of nowhere.