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Who is a Vascular Surgeon, and How Can He Help You?

Vein diseases have become a lot more common these days. In fact, a study revealed about 30 to 40% of the United States population suffers from vein issues. Given the data and the number of complexities vein diseases bring, one must know whom to consult. If you or your family members have vein issues, you must consult a vascular surgeon, Phoenix, AZ. But who are veins surgeons, or what can they do for you? Check out the details here.

Who is the Vascular Surgeon?

The vascular surgeon is a specialist who efficiently diagnoses, treats, and manages conditions in your blood vessels (arteries and veins.) This surgeons' area of expertise is in performing various treatments and operations to improve the blood circulation around the body.

What can Vascular Surgeons Do For You?
Vascular surgeons can efficiently handle vein issues like spider veins treatments, blood clots, and other issues. Here is a detailed explanation of all the diseases vascular surgeon can treat

• Peripheral Vascular Diseases

The arteries in the body are responsible for transporting blood from the heart to the body. However, the vessels sometimes narrow down and get blocked by fatty cholesterol build-ups. Such situations are commonly called atherosclerosis.
As the vessels in the body narrow-down, one can start experiencing pain in the limb. Simultaneously, the patient with a blockage in the leg can feel the pain in the calf when they walk. This situation is commonly known as intermittent claudication.
As the narrowing increases, the pain will become worse, which will finally block the artery completely, resulting in low blood flow to the part of the body connected with it, which can lead to invertible damages. In such cases, the area will become pale, cold, pulseless, numb, and paralyzed. When this happens, it is better to search online for “vascular surgeon near me,” and it is a specialist who can efficiently treat the narrowing arteries or veins.

• Aneurysms

There can be cases when some blood vessels, especially arteries, inflates and bursts. This situation of localized arterial bulging is known as aneurysms. But you need not worry as a vein specialist can efficiently deal with it.

• Venous Diseases

Veins are responsible for carrying blood from the peripheral back to the heart. Certain issues with veins like bulging or varicose veins can happen, resulting in transportation issues. However, a vascular surgeon can operate the condition by removing or repairing the abnormal veins.

• Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are often a result of poor blood supply. In fact, the situation can become infected and require surgical treatment, but you don’t need to worry as the vascular surgeon specializes in this.

What Procedures Can a Vascular Surgeon Perform?
• Angioplasty

The process involves unlocking a narrowed or blocked vessel in the body. Generally, the surgeon passes a wire through the narrowing artery, and then a small deflated balloon is attached to the wire to the site of maximal narrowing. Finally, the balloon is inflated in the nervous section, which opens up the vessels.

• Stenting

It is similar to angioplasty, but the only difference is a tiny wire gauge is placed over the ballon, as the wire is intersected in the narrowing section. Then the balloon is inflated, which expands the wire cage, and then this cage holds the vessel open and clear while the balloon is deflated and removed.

• Embolectomy

The process involves removing a blood clot from within a blood vessel. It is an open surgical technique that requires the specialization of a vein surgeon.

• Bypass operation

If the blood vessel is narrowed irreversibly or is blocked totally, the surgeon can perform a surgical bypass. In the process, a new vessel segment is joined to the original vessel from either side of the narrowing place, which bypasses the blockage resolving the issue.

Consult the Specialist for Vein Related Issues
It is now clear who a vascular surgeon is and what all problems he can efficiently deal with. If you or your family member is suffering from a vein issue, it is better to schedule a consultation today and provide them the help and attention they deserve. If you want help from the best, better connect with the laser vascular center professionals for personalized and quality services.
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